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Being an effective strategic leader means staying up to speed with technology trends and various problem-solving approaches.While some may paint accountants as boring bookkeepers with limited upward mobility, there’s actually a lot of room for them to rise to prominent, dynamic leadership positions. I would know, as I underwent this exact transition in my career. I started as an accountant in the late ’80s, and I worked my way up to become the CFO of Newbridge Networks, a start-up that...
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3 Reasons Why More Companies Are Hiring CFOs Internally

A January 2020 article in The Wall Street Journal showcased that CFOs are being recruited from within at leading corporations, rather than being externally recruited. It’s an interesting result of a trend that is well-known here at IMA: the role of the CFO – and the finance professional more generally – is becoming more complex in today’s world.
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CFOs Show Their Mettle in COVID-19 Crisis

Expecting the unexpected is part of every CFO’s mandate. But CFOs do not possess psychic powers to predict the future. Instead, they rely on well-honed enterprise risk management (ERM) systems that prepare for eventualities, both real and imagined. When a crisis strikes, these ERM systems and processes can help ensure businesses continue.
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The Management Accountant: Don’t Just Count the Dots. Learn to Connect Them 

Businesses face an ever-increasing amount of change and uncertainty. From supply chain disruptions caused by trade conflict, to enhanced government regulation, to the disruptive impact of technology, finance professionals must contend with enormous pressures on their bottom lines – and a corresponding need to answer to anxious CEOs, board members, and shareholders. If accountants were ever number crunchers – reporting the profits and losses while leaving explanation and strategy to others – they are no longer...
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Your Strategic Leadership Style Shouldn’t Come From A Book

Strategy, in its application, is not an end-point, but an ongoing journey.Strategy, in its application, is not an end-point, but an ongoing journey. Effective strategy, and consequently, leadership, as we know it, is generated from people with the know-how to make informed decisions that contribute to the long-term health and sustainability of organizations.
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Hey, Future Self, Why Didn’t You Get That Certification?

Certifications are a stamp for professionals that they have expert knowledge and are part of a larger professional community. “We regret the things we don’t do more than the things we do.” Mark Twain. Professional certifications are difficult endeavors. Even though technology has made it far easier (with online self-study and practice exams), time and effort are still required. Often people have to pursue professional certifications at their own expense and spend their few non-working hours doing test prep. But...